We provide basic design materials, which come in handy in organizing workshops in your team. Download and print the templates on paper or invite your team to Miro for a digital workshop.

Design Workshop

Deck of cards

The complete deck of 24 design cards is fitted on A4 size paper and ready for duplex printing. It requires a cutout. It looks much better with rounded corners.
Sharing Economy Design Cards – A4.pdf

Map Template

This supplementary workshop material is intended to be printed on A0 size paper. Designed to fit well with the cards and to write/draw down your thoughts or ideas for each category from the cards.
Map Template – A0.pdf

Idea Template

This supplementary workshop material will aid in formulating a new product concept and the key target user group. Print a few of those on A3 size paper for each workshop participant.
Idea Template – A3.pdf

Prototype Templates

With these templates, you can sketch wireframes and transitions of your future service for multiple platforms Mobile, Tablet, or Web. Print one copy on A3 size paper for each workshop participant.
Prototype Templates – A3.pdf

Digital design workshop

Cards and workshop templates in Miro

The complete set of workshop templates (Cards, Map, Prototypes, and Idea templates) is organized as tasks for a digital workshop.
Link to Miroverse →